Security Operation Centre

SOC or CSOC is outfitted with security solutions for preventing, investigating, and responding to cyber-attacks. A Cyber Security Operations Centre provides the support and efficiency that organizations require round the clock

Why SOC-As-A-Service?

Cyberattacks are emerging at a breakneck pace. As security threats and zero-day attacks become more prevalent, companies sometimes lack a well-defined response and remediation strategy. They are under continual pressure to fulfill changing regulatory obligations while preserving performance and organizational expenses.

That is when Passurity comes in. Our cloud-based security management and automation technology eliminates turbulence and optimizes threats for our SOC.

Why Should You Consider A SOC As A Service?

Many organizations are turning to SOC as a service to address their security demands to relieve the load on already overburdened IT departments.

The following are some of the functions that a Managed SOC performs:
  • Advanced threat management
  • Technology installation and management
  • Incident mitigation
  • Security event tracking
  • Alert analysis and investigation

Why Choose Passurity SOC As A Service To Protect Your Business?

Our skilled SOC team of certified analysts, engineers, and researchers adhere to the highest standards of excellence.

Our SOC team is trained to use a variety of security technologies, allowing us to interface with your current systems or assist you in selecting the best one for your needs.

Our SOC team analyzes, triages, and prioritizes alerts generated by your organization's underlying security technology, reporting only those that need your attention.

We know how to respond to breaches and minimize the damage that attacks can create because of our expertise in addressing impending security crises.

Our customized reports give direct and clear security intelligence and prioritize corrective activities to assist you in resolving complex security issues and improving organizational awareness of the dangers you face.