We identify system vulnerabilities and
offer a detailed remediation security roadmap.

Passcurity’s Penetration Testing Walkthrough
Penetration testing is a systematic evaluation of security measures deployed in an IT infrastructure to protect themself from data breaches. The goal behind this simulated attack is to identify vulnerabilities in a company’s systems and networks that hackers could take advantage of. Also known as a pen test, it is usually done by an outsourced partner who determines the weak spots and the easiest way into your network.

Featured Penetration Testing Services

Our pen testing services are tailor-made as per the business needs.

Application Penetration Testing

Mitigation fixes for the security gaps identified in web & mobile apps

Network Penetration Testing

Discover vulnerable internal and external network services

Cloud Penetration Testing

World-class testing & fixing of cloud-specific threats

Specialized Penetration Testing Services

Our multidisciplinary approach involves specialized cybersecurity assessment services.

Phishing Test

Security awareness training of employees by testing with Phishing scams

Smart device / IoT penetration testing

Fix vulnerabilities used by hackers to breach smart devices

SCADA/ICS Penetration Testing

Scanning industrial network for the detection of weak entry points

Source Code Review

Examination of an app source code to discover overlooked threats

Commonly Identified Vulnerabilities Using Penetration Testing Services

Key Benefits Of Penetration Testing

Our multidisciplinary approach involves specialized cybersecurity assessment services.

Detect and fix security threats

Get recommendations to defend networks, applications, and endpoints from hackers

Avoid expensive breaches

Security data faults not only leads to financial harm but disrupts organization’s reputation too

Compliance with security certifications

Qualified penetration testers ensure compliance with security standards

Awareness training for network staff

Train security personnel to recognize and respond to cyberattacks


We use renowned methodologies based on industry-accepted testing standards :
  • Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM)
  • Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)
  • Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES)
  • MITRE ATT&CK Penetration Testing Framework
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Need To Do A Pen Test?
Professional IT experts simulate an actual cyber attack to gain access to your system. This test helps to avail real data and insights into vulnerable areas that can be exploited to damage your system and networks.
What Is The Cost Of This Test?
The cost of penetration testing depends on many factors. Since the company size and complexity of the systems play a major role, the test pricing varies on a case-to-case basis. Contact our experts to avail a free quote and enjoy affordable security solutions.
Is An Automated Scan Different From A Pentest?
People normally consider fully automated scanners and manual penetration tests as the same techniques to identify and fix cybersecurity risks. Both the technologies possess many similarities yet they yield very different results.

It is a known fact that cyber risks cannot be fully mitigated by relying only on automated scans. It can be a good option and foundation for those companies who lack the necessary resources to undergo frequent manual tests, but it should not be considered as the only resort to test your cybersecurity.
What Is The Next Process Once The Test Gets Completed?
Once testing is complete, the pen tester consolidates the complete findings into a comprehensive report which is then shared with the shareholders and management. A meeting is held to discuss findings, uncovered risks, and decide the security fix plan.
Can Pen Tests Have Any Effect On My Business Operations?
We take special care to ensure minimal to no impact on the stability of your regular working and technological environment. Our specialists refrain from performing any disruptive attacks that can affect the continuity of your business. Our clients have always felt safe and secure while we deploy pen tests to execute our projects. A seamless transition is our greatest asset which is not compromised at all.

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Passcurity is a reliable brand with an exclusive focus on IT security audits, specialized cybersecurity services, and penetration testing. Our specialists are skilled in identifying critical vulnerabilities and offer remediation efforts to protect your staff, operations, staff, and clients at risk. We are proud to deliver world-class cyber security services to clients around the world.