Security Advisory

Our advisory services make your organization's information security ecosystem more safe and secure. We will evaluate your infrastructure and apps to detect information security risks affecting your business and strive to guarantee compliance and requirements are fulfilled.

Our Security Advisory Services are based on real-world company experiences and are intended to assist you in prioritizing and aligning your security activities with your business goals.

Designing and Developing Programs

Create and implement a more robust program. Our services include strategic components such as risk control and board reports.

Cybersecurity Program

The cyber security program advisory plan outlines your organization's overall security approach.

Security Awareness Training

Identify your organization's employees' strengths and weaknesses, and equip them to defend themselves against cybercriminals.

Phishing and Penetration Testing

Effective security begins with a thorough awareness of your weaknesses.

Managing Data Breach Incidents

Cyber security risks are on the rise, and cyber intrusions are often reported. Contact a specialist of our rapid detection and response team.

Application Security

By adopting our managed security service program, we focus on safeguarding the essential services that power your organization.

Cloud Security

With a complete portfolio of services encompassing architectural evaluation, design, implementation, and administration, you can ensure the security, seamless migration, and continuous operation of cloud technologies.

Incident Response

It is critical to respond to incidents quickly and thoroughly to minimize risks. Secure your resources as soon as feasible.

Security Evaluations and Audits

Comprehensive security audit to identify flaws and exploitable vulnerabilities in your company.

The Passurity Security Advisory service will advise and supervise the development of an information security and risk mitigation program.

We Help You Make An Informed Decision!

The industrial security team's experience and predictive analysis, tailored to specific business and technology needs, assist our clients in making educated cybersecurity risk management decisions to strengthen persistence in the face of ever-increasing cyber threats.